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Roasted tomato sauce

I have to share this pasta sauce recipe. Originally from  I love the simplicity of throwing all the ingredients on a baking sheet and then blending everything together 45 minutes later.  I used cherry tomatoes and I didn’t peel off … Continue reading

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Pilaf with orzo

This is a staple dish in Turkey. I’d go to a restaurant, eat a bowlful and wonder, “how do they do it?”.  A quick search on the Internet produced this recipe, which resulted in a definite success. Kristian hasn’t been … Continue reading

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Homemade tvorog (творог)

In Russia, there’s a version of farmer’s /cottage/ ricotta cheese called tvorog.  This is my favorite among all four. The flavor is very mild and pleasing and the texture can be varied, depending on the straining time, from very soft … Continue reading

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Strawberry banana chunky smoothie

This is similar to Jamba Juice Ideal Meals. Kristian is too small for a smoothie, so I figured I’d make a soup like version of a smoothie that he can eat with a spoon. It surprised me that he was … Continue reading

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Curried zucchini soup

Ah, Martha Stewart delivers again! This water-based 4 ingredient soup just can’t get any easier. If you’re short on time and produce at home all you need is 4 ingredients, a bit of spices, 20 minutes and bam – deliciousness … Continue reading

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Homemade vegetable broth

I’ve found this recipe online and I’ve been very happy with it. Every dish I made with it came out great. If you can read Russian, just go ahead and read it. Since I don’t have a large steamer (like … Continue reading

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Seashell pasta with broccoli and cheese

The inspiration for this recipe is the famous Italian dish, Orecchiette with Broccoli Rabe. This one is without garlic, but I’m sure you can try with it and see how your baby likes it. You can also try it with … Continue reading

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