Hello and welome! My name is Katya. I have an 18-month old (born in August 2009), that I’m obsessed at feeding nutritious food. On this blog I’ll be posting recipes that have been successful with us. What that means is:

– A dish is easy and quick to prepare. One hour maximum. Iif it’s more than an hour, it has to be one of those meals that practically cooks itself.
– Kristian likes the flavor and eats most of it.
– Vegetarian, but allowing for eggs.

Most recipes I post serve two, sometimes with a little bit of leftovers. Also, the recipes here are more like guidelines on what you can do with different ingredients. That is mostly due to the fact that you have to adjust the flavor to your baby’s liking. That’s why a lot of the time I’ll say “salt and pepper to taste”. As a parent, I’m sure you know what to omit or how to tweak a recipe so that your child might enjoy it.

Lastly, I really believe in the pleasure of simple foods. I like to showcase main ingredients in their most simple form, rather than concealing them with some kind of sauce.


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