Strawberry banana chunky smoothie

Strawberry banana chunky smoothieThis is similar to Jamba Juice Ideal Meals. Kristian is too small for a smoothie, so I figured I’d make a soup like version of a smoothie that he can eat with a spoon. It surprised me that he was just OK with it. I went ahead and made another one, just for myself – it was so yummy. But I’ll continue trying different versions of it since it doesn’t require cooking and is such an easy breakfast to make.

Recipe (yields one serving):
– 1/2 banana, cut into chunks
– 3 medium to large strawberries
– 100g plain yogurt
– 1 tbsp ground almonds
– 1 tsp ground flax seeds
– 1/4 cup granola, add more if you’d like a chunkier version (I didn’t have granola so I crumbled a homemade oatmeal cookie instead)

Combine all the ingredients in a blender. Pulse until you reach the desired consistency. Serve with granola or crumbled oatmeal cookie on top.

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